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Outreach line

Working on the Open day of the CIM
Working on the Open day of the CIM

We believe that outreach contributes to building a better informed, critical, curious, and prepared society. 

Outreach and scientific dissemination play a crucial role in making scientific knowledge accessible and understandable to the society. By explaining scientific concepts clearly and entertaining, outreach fosters scientific literacy and encourages informed decision-making in society. . Sharing scientific knowledge also helps to making society more receptive to scientific advances that have an impact on our lives and our world. Finally, it  promotes interest and participation in the scientific process, inspiring new generations to explore careers in STEM. 

We aim to integrate the basic questions of palaeontology and evolution in different levels of society. To do so, our team participate every year in diverse dissemination activities (fairs, open doors, exhibitions, international commemoration days or school visits) doing talks, workshops or games. We also contribute to some pioneering outreach projects such as “Paleo en el barrio: ciencia de proximidad”. Complementing these efforts, we develop resources that could be available for school education.