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Earth Dynamics

We study the geological evolution of continental configuration and climate throughout the Phanerozoic, in order to elucidate their consequential impacts on the biosphere.

Earth System Evolution seeks to delve into the intricate web of processes and interactions within our planet’s complex system, deciphering how they have unfolded over time. This discipline encompasses a spectrum of Earth’s components: the atmosphere, hydrosphere (encompassing oceans, lakes, and rivers), lithosphere (comprising landmasses), cryosphere (encompassing ice formations), and biosphere (encompassing all living organisms), along with their intricate interplay and feedback mechanisms. Delving into this realm, we strive to unravel how these components influence one another across diverse spatial and temporal scales, spanning from local phenomena to global dynamics, and from fleeting moments to geological epochs. Earth System Evolution scrutinises a myriad of phenomena, including climate shifts, oceanic currents, biogeochemical cycles, and the profound impacts of human activities on our environment.