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About us

Exploring Earth's Evolution: Unraveling the story of life

We use big paleontological data to address fundamental questions in biogeography and ecology, bridging the gap between palaeontology and spatial sciences and charting new territories for understanding the Earth’s evolutionary history.

Our context

Diversity stands as the most important asset of life on Earth. Since Darwin and Mendel, our understanding of how diversity is selected and inherited has expanded. Yet, fundamental questions such as, where and why biodiversity originates, spread and vanishes persist.

Our aim is to unravel the spatial and temporal distribution of species and to explore how past climatic fluctuations and geographical context influence the evolution and extinction of species.

A new focus

Unlike traditional paleontological perspectives that primarily emphasize temporal dynamics, we adopt a spatial lens. By leveraging data from diverse taxonomic groups, we delve into overarching ecological and biogeographic questions.

Our main questions

By focusing on these questions, we provide novel insights into the distribution and interactions of ancient species. Through our efforts, we aim the creation of the first maps of the geographical distribution of evolutionary processes throughout deep time.

Furthermore, our research sheds light on the dynamics of past ecosystems, providing new insights into predicting the impacts of ongoing climate change on current and future biodiversity.